Reflections from our VSQuarantine

When you cut to the core of it, our job is pretty straightforward: we predict what themes are likely to happen in the world, determine which young companies are best suited to benefit from those themes, invest and convince others to allocate capital into those companies. It’s part of our job to reflect on macro scenarios like that which the entire world is experiencing today. Follow closely as data is released, policies are rolled out and general temperament of people changes. Draw parallels to the First Gulf War of the early 90s, to the 2000 tech crash, 9/11 in 2001 and the Great Recession of 2008. Understanding the historical fallout from events like these can provide a blueprint for how to predict outcomes or make decisions today. But whether or not a trodden path exists for any particular company, organization, government entity or even individual, there is one absolute certainty: that the situation we’re in now changes everything for everyone.

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